Services for a New World

This is energybodylighta time of personal and collective consciousness reinvention. All of us are undergoing tremendous transformations and rejuvenations at speeds barely comprehensible to our ability to make sense of it all.

During these spiritual revolutions in our culture and society, as well as the individual evolutions within each of us, we need guidance and support from those who have been on the path a bit longer than many just lacing up their shoes.

Foundations of Light, LLC is my company, and I’m Rebecca A. Holdorf: author of 5 books, teacher, mentor, friend, energy therapist, hypnotist, Usui and Karuna REIKI Master/Teacher, and personal adviser to finding your TrueSelf amidst the daily confusion.

There are many options to TrueSelf-Actualization—being who you truly came to be in this lifetime based on your ideal energy patterns of love and compassion. Something on this page will speak to you of possibilities waiting to be explored. That’s the path to follow. Let’s do this together.

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