Is It a Guided Meditation or Hypnosis?

One of my most enjoyable discoveries from when I took hypnosis training was in realizing that hypnotists often use guided meditations to help relax a client and help them reach that deeper connection necessary for changing subconscious programming.

I was happy about it because I had already been creating guided meditations for my REIKI students to help them shift into a higher-state for doing their best energy work and for receiving additional guidance on a client’s condition. I knew then that I could easily do this.

Another realization soon made was that there are many techniques for achieving the same goals throughout healing modalities, just as there are many roads taking you to the same destination. The only difference in the path or vehicle taken is in the intention behind the trip, and how active the vehicle occupants wish to be during their journey.

As a big believer in self-empowerment, I want to help people take command of their own lives and live from their own highest intentions, not from MY intentions or from anyone else’s intentions. It’s important for them to live their lives being the very people that they truly wish to be—fully alive, fully functioning, and fully enjoying life’s nuances that bring excitement and variety to each day.

Self-empowerment is important to everyone because self-empowerment means taking your own power back from whomever you’ve given it to or from wherever you’ve placed it. So when I do hypnosis, the occupants in the car are VERY actively participating in their journey. We don’t just make bathroom breaks along the way—we explore the local sights, sample the local cuisine, and create an “experience” that is remembered and affective for them, long after the session ends.

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My clients tell me where they’d like to go, set some parameters about what they would like to see/feel when they get there, and then leave it up to me to guide them on a personalized exploration/journey to their requested destination.

So whether along the way we do a guided meditation or whether it sure feels like one no matter what you call it, we get where they wish to go in a self-revelatory and self-determined way.

Depending on what we tell ourselves throughout the day, from when we first open our eyes until they close again for sleep, life itself becomes our guided meditation. That’s why it is so important to clarify our personal message to create the life that we choose.

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