Coming Back Into Balance

Wellness is a term we use to describe a state of physical, mental, and emotional health. For those who look even deeper into illness causation, we could also include spiritual health in the mix.

While there are many definitions of what constitutes health for all those interconnected systems, I lean green purple ripplestoward describing an optimum condition of connectivity to all aspects of our being—a homoeostatic balancing act geared for total body functioning while in the process of living our daily lives.

OR,…all those words simply mean that we operate with maximum awareness of what we do when we do it, and know why in the process; and we do so with the intention of living a healthy and happy life.

That sounds simple enough.

But it’s probably the hardest thing you can ever do—to know yourself so well that you immediately recognize anything and anyone attempting to pull you out of balance with your own ideals, your own intentions, and your own sense of purpose for being here—even if it’s you.

Short of being a hermit isolated on a mountainside (without CNN news crews shining intense lights into your cave to “reveal the truth of your existence” and ask WHY are you there—defeating the entire purpose of your isolation), you have little chance in today’s world of knowing external peace and quiet. That makes internal peace and quiet even more necessary.

Coming back into balance implies a state of “imbalance” to be resolved—like a seventh cord stretching for resolution into the higher octave root—the oneness of its existence –the purpose for its very being. And to me, that’s what “wellness” and “total-body health,” are all about—coming back into complete balance with all functioning aspects of ourselves.

Again, I will stress the importance of really getting to know yourself and better understanding what drives you, inspires you, angers you, excites you, and brings you great joy for living. When you have this accumulated knowledge, many aspects of your present life become clearer to you.

And again, I will say, please take the time to find all those answers to what makes you tick, because until you do, you will be constantly chasing the illusive “Magic Bullet” that instantly knocks down all the illness and calamity in your life, and makes all those bad things just “go away.”

It’s more likely that there are genuine reasons that tough spots exist in your life—true causations and implied causations, but until you take the time to look more closely at the bigger picture and to see your true place in it, you may never see them.

Please, take the time to get to know you.

What you may be searching for is that inner peace that has so far eluded you. Your magic bullet may not be of precious metal at all. It may simply be an inner voice that’s been long stifled and is desperately trying to get your attention in every way possible. So take the time and truly listen to it, and see if the chaos in your life resolves.

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