“Conscious Participation in the Acts of Creation”

That is a closing quote that Tom Lescher makes in his Pele Report from yesterday.

In my opinion, what he talks about in this video from yesterday deserves to be heard. I could not have better expressed what I am personally feeling and what I think about the world situation–than Tom has done here.

Staying centered and non-attached is the only way to be right now. It is not escapism–it is a tight focus on holding your own center and keeping your frequency high. This entire world-wide shake up is higher-intention driven and beyond our present comprehension.

The clearing out of the old energies and the reconnection to nature and earth-based solidity, is the path of sanity right now. Simply reconnect your roots into earth and spread your branches toward the sun. One person at a time shifting the energies higher—holding an island of calmness in a tumultuous sea—makes a difference overall.

It’s a choice we make to allow fear to consume us or to hold the frequencies of love and peace. Choose peace, and reach for the sun.

 Tom K Sep 2


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