Exploring a Few Meditation Techniques

“Meditation” is a general term that describes many different techniques used to quiet the mind for a variety of purposes, many of which were described here in an earlier post.

In other words, there are different forms of meditation and many reasons to meditate. We will explore a few of those forms and describe how and why each form is used for the effect desired.dove and lotus

As you personally sample a few of these forms you can see for yourself how soothing and wonderfully refreshing a number of them can be.

Different Forms of Meditation for Different Purposes:

  • Soothing/Peace Inducing Meditations—for stress reduction and relaxation
  • Cleansing or Energy Gathering Meditations—used to clear the energy field around a person of negative energies and to increase the positive, loving energy entering the field to raise the vibration and strengthen the person
  • Vipassana Meditation—Mindfulness meditation – Introspective or contemplative purposes
  • Gazing Meditation—for focusing attention and shutting down mental chatter (the ultimate purpose of gazing is meant to learn the true “essence” of whatever becomes the object of your focused concentration)
  • Healing Meditation—for visualizing personal healing or for transformational journeys
  • Visualization Meditations—utilizes positive visualization techniques for specific purposes
  • Sound Meditations—utilizes sounds or soothing music to relax and shift the mind’s frequency to slower states of consciousness (from beta to alpha and lower)
  • Higher Vibration Meditations—for increasing peace and compassion within and throughout, or for transcending the physical plane while still on it
  • The “Emergency Response” Meditation—specialized meditation for stopping anxiety  attacks by using a more refined/ tighter focused version of the “1,2,3,4  meditation”
  • Walking Meditations—can be mind-clearing nature walks where one focuses on each footstep rising and falling, or perhaps walking a labyrinth in a reverent state of mind
  • Moving Meditations—like Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong
  • Writing Meditations—clearing  the mind and free writing as thoughts arise
  • Guided Meditations—for both individuals or groups, may have different purposes. Can be used in relaxation, healing, or group centering and bonding situations.
  • Copyrighted  Meditation Techniques like Transcendental Meditation (TM) that uses a personalized mantra, or some other registered system specifically bonded or licensed to a group or individual; or Dr. Herbert Benson’s “Progressive  Muscle Relaxation Techniques”— These types of meditations may be highly effect when used under the strict control of the group licensing it, but they are not the only means of reaching a higher state of consciousness or the only vehicle for achieving muscle and mind relaxation.

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