Shifting Sands and Shifting Energies

I’m sure many have noticed the unstable energies lately: both locally and around the world. Astrologers are heralding the Grand Cross of April 23rd, 2014, as the primary culprit. The four cardinal signs of Astrology come into 90-degree relationship to each other on that day and mark a time of tremendous upheaval and change.

Or, …another perspective might be that somebody is seriously shaking the rug while we’re still on it.

It isn’t doom and gloom related—that’s not the point at all. It is simply bringing the heavy stuff (energies) to the surface for release and clearing. Many have felt it personally in their own lives and in their relationships, and for certain the news is full of it now.

What does this mean to you and me?

It means we are being given the opportunity to more closely examine our own shadow issues (often ego-related stuff), and provided the conscious awareness to release that which no longer serves us; to deeply heal all levels of our being.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk on the beach, the sands beneath your feet just seem to give way, and you feel like you have to try harder to maintain your balance and momentum? That’s what is happening energetically right now. Energies are shifting back and forth between extreme high frequencies and extreme low frequencies, and we are right in the middle of it all, trying to maintain our own equilibrium in every aspect of our lives throughout this process.

An example being: I’m an Aries Fire-sign, and I haven’t been immune to challenges to my own temper, besides noticing some fiery-energy expansion within me that makes the implausible possibility of running a marathon seem do-able to me—which it isn’t.

But I also recognize the choice to ground this excess energy down and be more physically active, trying to better balance explosive emotions and rational decision making. That’s what is happening on a global scale right now. That is why there is so much unrest and so many power shifts unfolding.

This is a time of the “old ways of doing things” being reassessed and discarded for the new perspective—the new focus—the new mode of operation.

It is a natural “death and rebirth cycle.”

It’s that darn vulture or buzzard energy that I mentioned in a previous post. It’s all about intense transformation: of us, of our lives, of our world. We’ve been crawling about on our bellies long enough. It’s time to enter the cocoon for the big changes to come. And to do that, requires us to do some serious introspection of our lives: to determine who we truly are, what we want from life, and to assess what we value in this life so we can better define our sense of purpose for being here, and better align to our intended future direction.

No doubt about it, this is heavy stuff right now. But we CAN get through it.

ImageThat’s what butterflies do. They spend some quality time in the cocoon first before testing out those magnificent wings.

Try to get out in nature more and simply enjoy your cocoon time. Earth Day is April 22nd, the day before the Grand Cross on the 23rd, so take a walk, hug a tree, sit on a river bank and just watch the current flowing on by you. Let the energies of the Earth help to stabilize those wild and crazy energies within you, and when your wings are ready to unfold, …you’ll know.

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