Learning a Basic Meditation

Today’s world is definitely high-tech, high-energy, and high-stress. Our concentration is constantly pulled from one moment to the next by a myriad of external sources and communication devices. So finding a way to relax either during the day or at day’s end becomes extremely important to our own well-being, both physically and mentally.

No doubt about it: Wherever we are, we need a time-out.

Meditation can be that island of tranquility beckoning us to shore while treading water in this turbulent sea of over-stimulation. We can pull ourselves onto that calm, soothing, sandy beach of solitude and inner peace, and let those crashing waves of daily life just continue to move on by us. Yes, we can.

While that previous paragraph may be over-writing at its worst, the images produced in our brains while reading it are powerful and have lasting effects on our sub-conscious processing system. The use of images, auditory signals, and other sensing devices to help hold attention when the mind tends to wander, are key components to successfully meditating.

Let’s pretend that you have decided that you truly do want to start meditating but that you don’t know how to begin. I would say that one of the easiest and most basic meditations to start with is to simply follow your breath moving in and out of your body. In essence, all you need to do is to sit quietly, relax your body completely, and simply breathe.

In fact, a primary focusing agent commonly used in many meditations, is to focus on the breath itself moving in and out of our bodies. It is so simple. It can be done anywhere, at anytime that you have a few minutes, and most people around you are oblivious that you are even doing it, so you needn’t feel uncomfortable around others.

At the end of a long day, it can begin with the long, deep sigh as you walk through the door at home, and continue onto your meditation mat or chair in your secluded spot purposely created as your meditation haven—your “sandy-beach island amidst turbulent seas”—that allows you the time to simply drop all your concerns and cares, and breathe your aggravations away. It’s so easy to do.

Here is a sample meditation that is simple, effective, and was created by the University of New Hampshire for its students to learn how to use meditation to help ease their stress levels. It’s the basic breath meditation and guides you through the basics of doing one of the easiest and most effective meditations used by many. So find a quiet spot, get comfortable, and just breathe.

UNH Breath Meditation from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7a-2NYUTCQ

UNH breath meditation

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