Healing vs. Curing

In the healthcare profession, if you are fond of playing in quicksand, take on the subject of Healing vs. Curing. How are they similar? What are the differences? And what does it even mean to heal someone or to cure someone?

Many of us who work in complementary or alternative healthcare fields try very hard to stay out of those boot-sucking sands that create instant responses both pro and con for what we do professionally and how that relates to the “healing vs. curing” controversy.

While I’ve personally seen amazing improvements happen for many of my clients, I cannot make claims to be responsible for them, either with REIKI or hypnosis. And that’s fine. I leave it up to the people that I treat to decide if they feel a benefit from whatever service I provide. I don’t have a problem with that aspect.

However, because I’ve been on a fairly spiritual path for the last 30 years—a belief in a Higher Power and a greater purpose for our existence, sort of thing, I have a broader perspective on what “healing” entails.

As for “curing,” I personally think that word is a misnomer. People talk about being “cured” for many diseases only to have them redevelop a year or two later. My opinion is that the person may have been momentarily “cured”—all wrongs made right for the present situation; but they likely weren’t “healed” of the root cause of the problem, or the problem would not reoccur.

To me, that is perhaps the greatest difference between the two: healing deals with root cause of the problem to eliminate it by addressing the client’s body, mind, and soul issues; while curing deals with a counter remedy that neutralizes the ill-effects or symptoms of the immediate problem while providing some pain relief and the appearance of health improvement. To some, this might sound like the same thing, but to me it isn’t.

In my March 5th post of “Coming Back into Balance” I began with “Wellness is a term we use to describe a state of physical, mental, and emotional health. For those who look even deeper into illness causation, we could also include spiritual health in the mix.”

From my perspective, spiritual health is a major factor in truly “healing” a person’s root cause of illness or pain, because again from my perspective as a seasoned/experienced REIKI practitioner and hypnotist, the reason for the need to BE healed stems from the person’s issues that he or she came into this life to explore.

I believe that the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are united in providing the very challenges for that person to investigate in an attempt to create greater awareness of the deeper root-cause of an illness, an injury, or a malady which may be related to unresolved issues from a previous life, or may simply be chosen in Spirit World before incarnating onto Earth plane as the best way to spiritually evolve in the shortest amount of time for that person.

I know, …..and I have said this myself during my own grueling life ordeals, ….it is so hard to imagine that we would pre-plan and agree to some of the things that we go through while here. But when I take clients to Spirit World to explore why their present life is the way it is, that is what they often discover—their ordeals were either pre-planned for the most part to be this particularly challenging way, or they were retaining energy-residues from other lives that are creating part of the present-day problems.

This is one of those “you probably won’t believe it until you experience for yourself” things, so I am not trying to convince anyone that this is true. All I know is that this is what I have repeatedly experienced with my clients to the point that I DO believe what they are describing to me when they are hearing the explanations from their guides and their Higher Self while in their past-lives or in Spirit World.

Why it feels like truth for me, is because as an energy-worker, I find that illness and malady are often symptoms of a core imbalance in the spiritual body, represented by the Energy Body, which is the level where I usually work.

When I look at a person for the root cause of why he or AxialtonalFiberAlexGreyshe came to me, I am far more focused on energy blockages and energy inflammation areas, or unusual energy configurations in their energy field. And for a better concept of what the energy body entails, I will include an Alex Grey picture and hope he isn’t offended in my doing so.

This picture shows the energy meridians—rivers of energy flowing over the body that acupuncturists use for needle locations, the chakras—the center-body, colored energy funnels that act as transducers to transform energy-at-large into more utilizable energy for the organs and glands of the body, and the overall outer body energy field which is both a series of matrices (web-like frameworks) and opaque substances (more gas-like in appearance) between the matrix layers. As a REIKI practitioner and energy-worker, these are my main areas of focus.

While a single post on this subject is incapable of conveying the two main points I would like to explain in more depth, for now I’ll at least state them for later expansion:

One, we are far more than we believe ourselves to be. We extend beyond the physical limits of our body, and our minds are inseparably connected to our spiritual core-soul in ways that are hard to even conceptualize—although Alex Grey gave a good basic starting point;

And two, those core issues that we come to Earth plane to explore and experience first-hand, are the very reasons that illness, injury, and malady exist. Those are the exploration methods we use to realize our true-selves and our true capabilities.

They are the testing grounds for gaining self-awareness and appreciation of the greater scope and unlimited potential we actually possess as “spiritual beings having an earthly experience.” I see this with every Past-life and Spirit World Exploration that I conduct.

Knowingly or not, we are here for a deeper reason, and often the reason is to learn the many facets of love, including compassion and forgiveness.

The emotional dichotomy of love is that if you let yourself feel love, then eventually you will know great loss; and if you interact with others, you will definitely need to learn compassion for them and eventually forgiveness for yourself and the others throughout your own life-dramas.

In essence, if you’re a television frog, there is humor in the claim that it isn’t easy being green; but in a less humorous vein, if you’ve ever experienced some form of deep pain: whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, you know all too well, that it ALSO isn’t easy being human.

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