What Is Past-Life Exploration?

Over the last two months I’ve done another half-dozen Past-Life Explorations for clients, and it would seem that no matter how many I Imagedo, I’m still as mystified as the clients are at how these sessions seamlessly unfold for them.  The extensive range of our life experiences throughout eons of time is both unfathomable and yet readily accessible. How is that possible?

It’s possible because consciousness, in its many forms, is infinite and immortal.

For those who haven’t yet had the experience, please don’t misunderstand what I’m offering with Past-Life Exploration: I don’t offer this service as entertainment. It’s just the opposite. I offer it to clients as an exploratory route for self-empowerment and true-self actualization. It is one aspect of the many “healing services” that I’ve been trained to provide clients to help them resolve core health issues and deeper “life” problems.

Well, what if you don’t believe in that kind of thing, or you don’t see the value in it?

It isn’t really a question of beliefs other than believing yourself to be more than simply a flesh-and-blood creature that walks the earth for a short time, then that’s the end of everything. Your body may perish, that’s true, but your spiritual essence or your consciousness, transcends death.

And you don’t have to “buy into” anything to have a past-life exploration. I don’t try to hard-sell any aspect of this. It isn’t necessary to do so. There is simply too much evidence documented by others already in the field to discount the likelihood of our having past-lives.

Therapists have long been doing hypnotic “regression–to-cause” for some hidden mental or emotional issues that they might run across with clients during a therapy session. In fact, that is how the evidence began to mount that those deeper, tougher problems often originated in a different time and place than this life.

Brian Weiss, M.D., noted Psychotherapist and graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, popularized that practice to investigate his clients’ root-cause heath issues. He has written many books on the subject.

Weiss often found that his client’s stubborn present-day issues were actually unresolved left-overs from a previous life where they had first occurred. Then each life thereafter began the subconscious dance of trying to heal those wounded past-life emotions and energy imprints without the conscious knowledge of what was creating them. It was hard for the therapist to determine how to remedy the problem situation in the client’s life when it had no actual creation in this lifetime.

The key difference between what I do in a past-life exploration and what a psychotherapist might do, is in the intention and the focus.  I’m NOT a therapist, so I won’t interpret or analyze what you experience, or judge it in any way.

I take a more Spiritual route instead by focusing on the energy transcendence aspect.

ImageWithout my even needing to know the issues that you wish to explore, I simply help you to relax into meeting your Higher Self, and then we turn those present-life questions that you want more information on, over to your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self then provides the lives that you will be shown to explore those personal issues.

I’m not your destination planner—your Higher Self is. I just go along as a tour guide to ask you important questions that help to immerse you into that past life, and to help clarify your descriptive statements for accuracy. I also record your descriptions of all that you do experience while there, for your later review.

The other thing I do, is that because I am an energy worker (REIKI) and this, in its purest sense, is energy work, I can help heal those unhealed energy imprints and bring Divine Light to your emotional wounds (which are also unhealed energy imprints) existing there at that time. This is the spiritual healing aspect of the process.

The deeper healing comes from within yourself as you realize how intertwined your past-lives were to your present life in some important ways; and that once you understand what still needs to be addressed in this life that had been left over from a previous life, you can see more clearly how to do so.

I only suggest that you take some quiet time and do lots of journaling after a session, as you will continue to make realizations long after the session ends; for days, weeks, and even months afterward. These sessions are THAT affecting and powerful, because they are so EMPOWERING to you, as you can NOW see the bigger picture behind much of those seemingly-random happenings throughout your life.

Most clients come out of a past-life exploration session with eyes nearly popping out of their sockets and jaws dropped to their chests at having had the personal experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling another time period complete with an entirely different cast of characters around them—interacting with them—all while sitting in the soft recliner in my little room with me at their side.

Some are initially too speechless to even talk afterwards, and to them I simply say: “I know….. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?”

They just nod.

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