Changing a Mind

This title is performing double-duty.

I began by starting to write about yesterday’s ‘sitting at the kitchen table’ situation of explaining what Past-Life Exploration was to a more skeptical friend, and how it was my patient, detailed response to her scowling question of “Why would anyone want to do that?” that inspired this title; meaning how my re-enactment for her of what actually occurred during a Past-Life Exploration, ‘changed her mind’ about Past-Life Exploration mid-description.

It was a pretty amazing transformation right there in the oak captain’s chairs with her elbows planted on the table placemats. The more in-depth I went into how a PLE session progressed, the more her frowny-face began changing to one of peaked interest and then excitement, at the prospect of possibly experiencing Past-Life Exploration for herself.

That was an awesome experience for me in a most unexpected place! I had just witnessed a genuine perspective shift in her while I was talking, where she quickly dropped those preconceived, erroneous notions of what she assumed PLE would be and opened her mind to other possibilities of how it COULD be.

But even above when I began to write just a few sentences about the experience, I realized that Basic Hypnosis itself is all about changing a mind—changing a client’s patterns of perception and information filtration to create more desirable attitudes and behaviors as requested by them. I had just unintentionally demoed at the kitchen table, how to shift a client’s perspective.

For my friend, I wasn’t hard-selling PLE Imageto her. I was merely walking her through the standard process of how I conduct a session and demonstrating the actual questions that I asked to help gather information that was provided by the client themselves during the experience.

I don’t tell a client where to go or what to see and do during their PLE. I only ask the questions to help them describe their experience while it’s occurring. Their sub- and super-conscious minds are controlling the content—where they go—what they see—what they do, while their conscious mind takes a much-deserved break.

I’m just the tour-guide and the documenter of their experience. I help keep them safe and connected to that part of them still relaxing comfortably in the recliner with me at their side, while they explore the vastness of their own eternal being.

But then, the more I thought about it, I realized that Hypnosis itself is all about ‘changing a mind.’

That is the very thing that client’s seek when they come to me with a problem of some sort—they come for ‘mind-changing’—that’s what they want, and that’s the service that I provide them.

I help them change how information is processed in their mind—how they perceive raw info around them by all their senses—how they filter the effects of what they perceive (this is good—that is bad, sort of filtering) for emotional impact—how they integrate the information and experience into their internal filing system for later review (into memories)—and how they can change that entire process if it isn’t meeting their needs.

They can actually change their mind: figuratively and literally.

So, when someone asks me what I do, and I hand them a brochure on Hypnosis and Past-Life Exploration, and they give me that scowling, pre-judgmental look, I think, “Well, my friend…get ready to change your mind.”

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