June’s Resolution

As we once again enter the time of Mercury in Retrograde (June 7th-July 2nd), the dis’s will now give way to the re’s: reexamining, reevaluating, reassessing, readjusting, redoing, removing, and releasing. All of those re’s are aspects of resolution, where the previous dissonance is now resolved—that 7th chord finally reaches the next octave root to make a harmonious return to home-base.

ImageI wasn’t always a fan of astrology and I’m certainly no authority on it, but I grew to respect certain aspects of planetary alignment once I better understood how they affect the energy that flows over our planet and all of us because of how the sun’s rays (and the cosmic energy from others suns in far off galaxies) pinball off all the other objects out in space before they find their way into our energy environment.

We are like little barometers of energy intensity around us. We react to those unseen energy forces in some predictable ways; and that predictability is what makes astrology function as a mechanism for predicting energy behavior, and likewise, human behavior, because we are energy units ourselves.

You can almost detect the audible groans of informed people in today’s world upon hearing these dreaded words: “Mercury is going retrograde”—in realization of what that likely means: not only will there be computer and phone problems, but it’s possible that all forms of communication will go haywire—electronic and personal.

And it’s definitely not the best time for starting new endeavors. However, it’s a great time for reflecting and reevaluating the old ones. Mercury in retro usually means difficulty in relaying information and intentions, because symbolically, Mercury is “the messenger.”

To me, this time simply means “proceed with caution” in interactions and all forms of communication; and to ground-down my energy before I even touch my computer or phone in the morning, as any static-energy transfer can zap an electronic device. (Yes, been there, done that, and I know a few of you have as well.)

So take some time to relax, reflect and reevaluate your present situations, but also take the time to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate yourself and your intentions. This can be an excellent time to just be good to yourself. Have some fun and enjoy your life.

After all, you deserve it!  No miscommunication there.

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