“The Times They Are A’changin’”

That title is an old mid-60’s Bob Dylan song, but it’s still applicable because the times definitely are changing now; and all of us are changing as well.Image

Sometimes things around us change, and we have to do like-wise; and other times for some reason, we change inside and it forces outside changes around us.

Sometimes we don’t even know what is changing, but things around us seem different and we feel differently about things, and the world seems different to us in some way, even if it doesn’t initially appear to be so.

This morning I read someone’s opinion on what is happening energy-wise during this year of 2014, and in many ways I agree with their take on the situation, pertaining to the kinesthetic feel of the energies around me this year, as well as their intuitive read on what I sense is happening to all of us and our situations.

We’re getting ‘all shook up’—(thank you Elvis)—and it is a major rug-shaking experience that is shaking us out of our collective apathy and lethargy, and helping to clear our vision so we can shift perspective for the next phase of change in all of our lives. Because believe it or not, the times really are changing and we have to be able to recognize that change and utilize it to evolve our consciousness to match it.

People change, situations change, relationships change, associations change,….and like a river, life just keeps flowing onward to the sea. Stagnation really isn’t possible now, because change is being forced on all of us. It’s a bit like getting caught in a flash-flood. It’s just a question of how willing you are to change direction to avoid the disaster before you or to plow forth into the waters and futilely struggle against the overpowering current.

Change is change. It just IS. And sometimes, it is necessary to change.

I imagine it will affect all of us in the near future, and perhaps it is already doing so; and to this I simply say, “The Times They Are A-changin’” and like it or not, so are all of us.

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