Good thing I’m not in charge of the world.

I’d have a really hard time assessing the changes to be made. It would be very hard NOT to judge all others by my own standards of concern and conduct. I mean, if that person over there didn’t match my mirror-reflection, how could I ever trust him?

For me, it would be hard to look at someone’s outer appearance: their swagger, their flashiness, while listening to their motor-mouth spewing trash-talk strong enough to gag a skunk, and NOT make judgments about that person’s home life, or relationships, or her attitude about life in general—even if I’d never spent actual time with the person.

Even in knowing that being judgmental and critical are perceptual faults, how could I ever be truly objective about a situation when I’m actually viewing it subjectively and interpreting what I’m experiencing through all of my own life-long filters of interpretation, before making a decision?

I really don’t think I could; so I’m glad I’m not in charge of the world.

It would be hard for me not to express the belief that we ALL share universal wants and needs at the core of our being:

  • We all want to be happy—however we personally define that.
  • We all want to live free, be productive to our world, and feel safe within it; to be well-rewarded for our efforts and well-protected from harm.
  • We want to feel like we matter to others and to the world around us.
  • We want to be appreciated and adored for simply being ourselves.
  • We want to know that we have friends who genuinely care about us, and
  • we want to feel like we are trustworthy people who others can also rely on and depend on as well.

That’s probably why that I’m glad I’m NOT in charge of the world.goldenwhite swan

When there are so many people whose basic needs and wants are not being met at present, it would be hard to imagine a future outcome other than one of total chaos and wide-spread discontent; and I’m not sure there is a wall high enough to keep that discontent at bay for long.

So perhaps another solution is in order that doesn’t involve killing and destruction, and making people even more miserable than they already are. Is anyone willing to consider that solution?

That’s probably WHY I’m NOT in charge of the world. Or even want to be.

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