Making Sense from Senselessness

The world is a very strange place right now, and perhaps it always was. Perhaps we just weren’t as aware of the ambiguities and the twisted allegiances, or the behind-the-scenes machinations that determined the stage-play that most of us willingly sat through prior.

We now yell, “Who’s directing this show?!!” as we squirm uncomfortably in our seats. “Why is this happening, Director? It isn’t supposed to happen this way….We can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys in this stupid play. Who are we supposed to root for? Who are we supposed to identify with?

All around us people are clamoring for more certainties and assurances, and instead we are getting “I don’t know what happened….It’s a surprise to me.” And that just isn’t setting well no matter the political affiliation, or the belief system.

The world seems completely messed up everywhere, and appears to be getting worse by the day. I think we’re all pretty confused on how to put everything back in order the way it should be, because it’s getting harder to tell how it should be.

In the midst of such wide-spread chaos, people’s anxiety disorders are amping to the max, and they start screaming, “What are we going to do?” snow flakes on blue


Well, …let’s just chill here for a minute……… 


You know, I could be wrong, …but I think a complete shake-up is the whole point of this world-wide chaotic phase that we are in. And I am certain that it is a PHASE—a delusionshattering phase for furthering the evolution of the collective consciousness that we all share. (Please keep in mind that our teenage years were a growth phase between childhood and adulthood, and most of us managed to survive that, …although, some better than others.)

I see this present state of wide-spread disarray as a time for concentrated reexamining of our values and our beliefs about who we are personally and as a nation, and even as a global community.

I also know that the most prevalent question in my mind right now is what is the difference between the good guys and the bad guys throughout this world when they all seem to be doing the same thing—which is killing people, just for different reasons?

It seems to be a time for questioning any authoritarian rule; as well as witnessing such governing deconstruction in all branches of federal government, that it’s like watching a bad re-run of “Lord of the Flies.” We’re all left wondering, “Are there any adults left in charge here, or did they all go down with the plane?”

Yet, ….yes, there is a YET, …there is a feeling of higher intention behind such world-wide chaos, which always makes me pay sharper attention to any noticeable collective behavioral-pattern changes and energy shifts, because those usually precede a collective consciousness shift upward. And upward means for the better, folks!

I’m NOT a doom-and-gloom person, so I don’t see this as the end-of-the-world sort of thing. But I do consider it as a wake-up call to pay a little closer attention to what values we align to that justify viewing some people as being more expendable than others and some people as having greater value than the rest. Who makes those decisions? And more importantly, who do you WANT making those decisions?

These are important questions we all need to ask ourselves.

Personally, I think there’s a common theme in this horrendous world-wide mess. Just watch the world news at present and count how many times the word “borders” comes up in all world conflicts; …someone crossing someone else’s borders or firing across someone else’s borders.

Then ask yourself what does “border” mean?

How do you separate your problems out from your neighbor’s problems? Is it by the border of your property? The border of your home? The border of your own space? What makes up YOUR border? Where does your border begin and end?

Is it all about BORDERS everywhere—the perceived separation between US and THEM? Or is it about standards of human welfare and humane treatment; and who makes the decisions on either one?

Yes, these are difficult times forcing reexamination of complex issues; and all I know is that “Seeing through the Illusion of Separateness” is the subtitle of my first book published back in the year 2000, when I gave hard-thought to concepts of unified consciousness and feelings of Oneness with all—which basically means being “borderless.”

So I think reexamining BORDERS, both established and imaginary, is what this chaotic phase in the world is really about right now, for all of us.

Perhaps the whole point of this chaotic time is that we are to reexamine our concepts of what really separates us from each other. Is it just a random line drawn somewhere in the sand, or is it a defensive mirrored-wall that allows us to see only ourselves when times are tough?

What are we really so afraid of?    Is it them? ….Or is it seeing ourselves in them?

imaginary borders picImaginary borders Art Print by Elisabeth Fredriksson


  1. Very good post. Humanity is currently in a chaotic transition phase. It used to be less chaotic and confusing before. At the moment everything is upside-down. (I’m also writing a series of articles on this topic at the moment). Thanks for sharing!

    1. opus2014
      July 17, 2014

      Thank you! I think if enough of us stay focused on what is good and helpful to all of us, and on what makes the world a more enjoyable place in which to live, the overall fears will lessen, and people will eventually realize that isolation and exclusion are never the answer. We’re merely shadow-boxing with ourselves.


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