Telling the Story….

This probably isn’t the story you think I’m going to tell, because that phrase is used in other contexts; and yet it is a story worth telling—a story that might provide others with a greater feeling of hope for improving their lives in some way.

When even the people who have known me for years ask this question of “What is it that you do, again?” and I tell them HYPNOSIS and REIKI, I usually get that same blank stare or a scrunchy-nose, near-scowl as a response; and that reaction does puzzle me a bit.

Why are they dcolored waterdropletsoing that?

What is it that they think they know (or don’t know) that creates such a strange reaction to the words: Hypnosis and Reiki?

Perhaps, when originally asked what it is that I do maybe I should have simply said, “I help people.”

It would have been an honest response. That IS what I do. That is my focus—to help people in whatever way I can help them, using the techniques that I’ve been trained in for helping them.

“So, how is it that you HELP people?” would be their next question.

To which, I could simply reply, “By helping them better realize how amazingly powerful and restorative their own bodies and minds can be.”

Then I could provide examples of helping others….

  • to simply learn to relax and eliminate so much stress from their lives,
  • to turn down pain levels to something more tolerable,
  • to clarify confused states of mind,
  • to sleep better with a noticeable feeling of body/mind restoration in the night,
  • to build greater self-confidence and self-empowerment toward setting and achieving future goals,
  • to assist them in finding that TRUE aspect of themselves—their core spirit—the heart of their being that helps to guide them through their daily lives and give them greater connection to the immortal part of themselves.

Yes, …that sort of “help” is part of what I offer.

Sometimes, I simply help them to better help themselves do whatever it is that they wish to do:

  • to change a long-standing habit or a behavior
  • to develop a stronger resolution to make those desired changesdroplets on milkweed
  • to shift perspective on a situation that is blocking them so they can find the way-around-it that they couldn’t before see,
  • to eliminate a fear so deeply ingrained that they can’t imagine their life without it affecting them in some way,
  • to help them determine what might make their lives more enjoyable so they can define the steps it might take to reach that desired goal
  • to help them realize the magnificent BEING that they truly are and help them to see how change for the better is ALWAYS possible, if they truly desire to change.

Yes, those are ALL some of the things that I do, but I usually just say, “I do HYPNOSIS and REIKI” to them.

So perhaps I need to elaborate a bit more the details before answering the questions so simply. It isn’t that most folks don’t always understand the extent of the offering with HYPNOSIS or REIKI; it’s just that they don’t comprehend the possibilities and the options those two little words might include.

Sorry, my bad. I’ll explain it better in the future.

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