Strangeness and Normalcy

Strangeness seems to be the norm now.

That’s not really a pleasant thought, but evidence in my own life and the world around us all point to that as a likely truth. Things are just plain strange everywhere, including within us at present and that seems to be how it will continue to be, for the unknown future— annoyingly strange.

boy and web of lifeFor me it’s very hard to get used to driving along the highway and out of nowhere (and for no reason that I can discern), a scene with characters from my distant past flashes right in front of my vision…just a flash….along with the memory’s emotional intensity for that single second, ….and then I see the road again. I mean, THAT is a real head-shaker, not to mention quite a distraction driving in traffic at 65mph.

I don’t know how all of you are handling this daily strangeness and other odd aspects perhaps more suited to your own situations, but I find the continuing “old-memories-surfacing-for-purging” thing to be quite a challenge. This cleansing phase can’t be done soon enough for me. I’m even starting to wonder if this is like a “your entire life passes before your eyes after you die” thing? And if it is, did I die and not know it?

Well, if I did die, I’m certain that there are better ways to spend my afterlife than going after a truckload-of-compost for the garden today …that’s for certain. Hopefully it smells a lot sweeter there than at the compost facility, wherever THERE is. So with that fragrant realism maintained, I’m guessing that I’m still alive.

And if strangeness has become the new norm, then strangeness should actually become less strange, not more so, by the day, shouldn’t it? I mean, when everything is strange, then something that is “not-so-strange” stands out in comparison, right?

Pretty soon we can say upon arriving at home after a day’s work, “It was an unusual day today, dear. Nothing strange happened. I just didn’t know how to handle that.”

But I’d like to try.

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